National Fiber Focus Month | 5 Delicious Recipes

High Fiber Recipes for National Fiber Focus Month

Just a Couple Days Left of National Fiber Focus Month

With February coming to a close, so does National Fiber Focus Month, which is well worth consideration since, according to WebMD, most adults are getting much less fiber than what they need each day.

Fiber has been linked scientifically to such health benefits as decreasing blood cholesterol levels, which protects against certain forms of cancer; helping control weight be increasing satiety; not to mention day-to-day prevention of constipation.  [Source: Today’s Dietician]

Clearly, it would be to our long-term health advantage to work on getting more fiber in our diets!  This is why I chose to create a Squidoo lens featuring some good recipes from our food blog that are high in fiber and have delicious flavor combinations for the month’s Food Club Challenge.  I know when I get past the initial thought of adding more fiber to my diet meaning boring foods with little to no flavor, it is much easier to make sure my intake of this important nutrient is where it should be.

Check out my Squidoo lens and the recipes with fiber rich foods, and vote in the poll for which recipe you’d be most likely to try as you think about ways to add more fiber into your diet.  We will all be healthier and raise healthier children if we do!

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2 Responses to “National Fiber Focus Month | 5 Delicious Recipes”

  1. Elizabeth Towns Says:

    Just a few days ago, a friend asked me what fiber was all about. I am going to send her a link to this article so she can see some great ways to add fiber to her diet and find out more about it. Good post. I didn’t know that February was national fiber month, either. This year, I will be prepared.

  2. Anne Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it… fiber is such an important part of a healthy diet! I hope it is helpful for you both. :)

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