My BFF During Spring Allergy Season {Recipe}

Spring Allergies BFF

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor or health professional.  This blog post is strictly my personal experience.  Please seek medical advice from your doctor or other professional advice from a health professional if you have allergies that need to be treated.

I Finally Learned How to Manage Spring Allergy Season!

I grew up with horrible allergies during the beautiful Spring season.  They would get so bad some years, I would feel pretty rotten for about a week or so towards the end. Sometimes I would take antihistamines, but I’m the type to avoid medication unless I really, really need it.  Because of the allergies and suffering through symptoms, I’ve generally had a love-hate relationship with Spring.  I always love the weather getting more comfortable and the blooming of flowers and trees.  I love the Easter celebration because of what it means for those who believe in the Resurrection.  But I sure hated the allergies! Several years ago I started taking an immune boosting supplement regularly.  I have known for some time that allergies are an autoimmune issue, but it never dawned on me to try immune boosting supplements.  I noticed a big change when Spring rolled around that year.  Big. change.  Like, my symptoms were gone.  I was amazed. At some point I stopped taking that particular supplement, and for some time, I thought maybe I’d been healed from the allergies or outgrew them.  At some point however, I began noticing some symptoms again, although, they did not seem as bad as before.  I decided to try Vitamin C.  It was almost as good! I cannot remember how much I took when I first tried this, but it was a lot.  This year, I’ve been taking 3,000 milligrams in the morning at breakfast, and then more later in the day as needed.  That seems like a lot to me, since according to my bottle of Vitamin C, the recommended daily value is less than 1/3 this amount.  But our family Nutritionist told me that I would know if I had gotten too much Vitamin C if it upset my stomach.  She said different people can tolerate different levels. So thanks to Vitamin C and discovering a dairy sensitivity, which was causing allergy symptoms, thus, I’m sure making my Spring allergies even worse, I can actually enjoy Spring most of the time now!  No more love-hate relationship.  So nice.

Recipe for Broccoli, High in Vitamin C

If you like eating foods high in Vitamin C regularly, you should give Chef John’s Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic a try.

Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic

It is a favorite recipe of his for many of our family and friends, including our picky eater children.  It’s very simple and oh, so delicious!

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28 Responses to “My BFF During Spring Allergy Season {Recipe}”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) Says:

    My husband swears by vitamin C. I don’t know if it really works or not, but he insists it does and takes pills & drinks lots of OJ!

  2. American Punjaban PI Says:

    I boost my vitamin C intake during this time of year as well. Still, I’m stuck taking allergy meds no matter what. :(

  3. Anne Says:

    Aww…. sorry to hear that. Allergies can be so frustrating.

  4. Curby Aardvark Says:

    Allergies are incredibly annoying and I love broccoli; I eat it a lot and I guess that’s why my allergies have been totally fine this year. I feel like a superhero or something.

  5. Triplezmom Says:

    My autoimmune issues do not like immune boosters, but this recipe looks delicious.

  6. Anne Says:

    LOL that’s funny. Kind of like Popeye and spinach. 😉

  7. Anne Says:

    Oh, no, sorry to hear that but hopefully you have been able to find other ways of managing them! :(

  8. becca Says:

    never tried Vitamin c for allergies must check into it.

  9. Rosey Says:

    The garlic sounds good. I wonder if there’s a difference that’s significant between raw & cooked broccoli (in terms of nutrients). Just thinking out loud, your post made me wonder. :)

  10. Jennifer Williams Says:

    I was just researching natural remedies for allergies the other day. That time of year is coming and I want to be prepared. Broccoli is a favorite of mine so I can definitely add it to my diet more frequently.

  11. lawna Says:

    I think broccoli is one of my favorite vegetable, so I am sure I would love the Sauteed Broccoli with Garlic. I had no clue Vitamin C could help with allergies. I just found out yesterday that I have nasal polyps due to my allergies.

  12. Tess Says:

    We use Vitamin C for everything. Its a great source for cures!

  13. Marni | Love and Duck Fat Says:

    That’s great that you learned to manage your allergies and I love that you incorporate healthy eating.

  14. valmg @ Mom Knows It All Says:

    I always drink lots of extra oj if I think I’m coming down with a cold. I think the vitamin C helps fight it off.

  15. Anne Says:

    Awww, bless you. Sorry to hear that. :( Allergies can really take their toll. I read that rubbing the eyes due to allergies loosens the collagen around your eyes, contributing to wrinkles earlier than you would have gotten them. I see it happening with me because my allergies caused itchy eyes so I rubbed them a lot growing up! :(

  16. Anne Says:

    There probably is! I don’t care for it raw, which is probably why the diet alone is not enough and supplements are needed. :)

  17. Sarah Bailey Says:

    Allergy season is awful isn’t it :( I’ll have to try added vit C and see if it helps me at all thank you. x

  18. Anne Says:

    It sure is! I hope it does help you too. :)

  19. Mina Slater Says:

    My allergies have been crazy lately! I love broccoli and eat it several times weekly. I’m also going to try a local salt room a friend told me about to see if that helps.

  20. Fabulous Perks Says:

    I was surprised that last year my allegories didn’t bother as it usually would. Cheers to that! Hoping for a good Season change this year as well.

  21. Onica {MommyFactor} Says:

    I’m surprised to learn that Vitamin C can help during allergy season. Need to add more of broccoli and other Vitamin C rich foods to our meals.

  22. Le-an Lacaba Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of broccoli. But maybe they’d be the cure for my allergies!

  23. Amanda H. Says:

    We’re allergy prone at my house too and get in Vitamin C whenever we can. Thanks for the broccoli recipe!

  24. Ashley Gill Says:

    I luckily don’t have to deal with seasonal allergies. I’m not sure how I got so lucky but I enjoy not dealing with it! And I love broccoli!

  25. Amber Nelson Says:

    Thank you for the broccoli recipe. Thank goodness we don’t have allergies here.

  26. Amanda Love Says:

    What’s funny is that vitamin c actually makes me sick if I take it directly. I suffer with allergies as well but I have meds that work great!

  27. Anne Says:

    Yes! Consider yourself blessed for sure. :)

  28. Says:

    I love spring but hate spring allergy. Broccoli is my favorite veggie. Although I don’t know whether it can help me go through the spring allergy, I’m sure it does me no harm 😀

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